VGA and Motherboard Compatibilty

Good day. Can I use GT220 on my PC?
I'm using
ASUS P5KPL-AM/PS Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2.80GHz
2gb RAM DDR2
Orion ATX-600w PSU.
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  1. Yes.

    Whether that's the BEST card for your situation is a different question though. If it's for non-gaming then it likely doesn't matter WHAT you use. If it's for gaming there are $100 HD7000 series cards that would work much better.
  2. before you buy or plug in a new video card look at the 12v line on the power supply. look at the amp and wattage rating.
    make sure the new video card going to use less power (amp) and watts then the power supply 12v rail can output. some power supplys have one rails some have more then one rail. installing a card that uses more power then the power supply can output can cause the system to act weird or not post.
  3. 12v line? Uh I'm confused >.>.
    Anyway here are the details on my PSU

    DC Output:
    +5V - 28a
    +12V - 20a
    -5V - (-)
    -12V - .8a
    +3.3V - 28a
    +5Vsb - 2a

    AC Input:

    that's the details of my PSU according on the sticker >.>
  4. the 12v plus line at 20 amps has a max wattage of 240w. when you go shopping for video card make sure there under 240w. when there at max out. if your video card pulls more the 20 amp/240w your pc will shut down or crash.
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