First home gaming build, any thoughts/suggestions?

So, i havent build anything yet, but my friend is there to help with that. I need to know if you guys have any thoughts on my build
My price range is about 1000 USD.
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  1. Bad pick on the CPU cooler - that'll get outperformed by cheaper and FAR more reliable air coolers. You also don't really need it - I'd get a $30 Hyper 212 EVO.

    Unless you plan on running two graphics cards at once (in which case you need at least 750w from a reliable brand) you can drop to a 550w power supply. (Again, of a reliable brand.)

    If you're only using the CD drive to install windows, don't bother - you can do it with a USB stick.

    Finally, drop to a 7950 with good cooling (so... not xfx.) It'll be able to overclock to the level of a 7970 with ease, and should give you enough leeway in your budget to afford a 128GB SSD of a reliable brand. (OCZ Vector, Samsung 840pro, Samsung 830, OCZ Vertex 4, Crucial M4, in that order.) And yes, you really do want an SSD - it's like night and day.
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