i3 540 3.07 ghz will bottleneck an GTX 660 ti ftw ?

Hello guys, im looking for some help.
I wanna run games like Borderlands2, Dirt3, DeadRising2 in medium/high settings, my question its, the i3 540 will bottleneck the GTX 660 ti ftw ?
Also i wanna upgrade mi ram memory, the current i have its 4 gb Kingston (2gb slots)
My current upgrade its this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231310
And run whit all the ram in the 64 bits Windows
All this settings will be enough to play good games or need more ?
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  1. yes it will bottleneck as games are now becoming cpu intensive.though game mentioned by you will bw fine

    best is to overclock to 4.0ghz
  2. If possible get the SAME RAM that you already have and update your BIOS (if needed) as BIOS updates often contain RAM profiles.

    You'll want to choose "XMP" for the default RAM profile unless you are overclocking the CPU (in which case you'll want a better cooler, assuming that CPU supports overclocking).

    I think you'll see some severe bottlenecking at times in some games, but the important question is whether it's worth buying a better CPU for the improvement. There's quite a huge variation between games. I tried to find a comparison of an i5-3570K to your CPU but couldn't (or even the i5-3570K to an i3-3220 which is also dual-core).

    If you were buying a GTX670 or higher I might recommend selling your CPU and getting an i5-3570K but I think I'd have to recommend keeping your CPU. As I said, unfortunately a good comparison between the i3-540 and i5-3570K is difficult to find (for me).
  3. Deaaaaaaaaamn, bad news.
    Te problem in the cpu upgrade its the motherboard i have, its an DH55HC the socket of the CPU its the lga 1156 and the new CPU's are lga 1155, if i want a better gaming i think im gonna need a new motherboard or get a better cpu whit the socket lga 1156, what do you recommend me ?
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