How do I remove the PCIE brackets at the back of a case?

Hiya everyone.

I'm receiving my new GPU tomorrow and the backing requires two slots. Unfortunately, this case has only one open and I did not set it up initially.

I have a picture included; how do I remove this little thing so my GPU has enough slots open? Thanks in advance!

note: I've tried moving it a bit, but I'm just not sure if I'm supposed to "tear" it off so to speak, or what. So yes, any help would be appreciated :D
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    push it in slowly..then back out till it snaps off. watch out it have a sharp edge so dont cut yourself...also break the one you need. on cases like the one you have once it snapped off you have to use a filler plate that has a screw on it.
  2. try to look closer, there should be (depending on the case) at least 2 small parts that are connected. you would have break it off somehow (be careful as said above), move it back and forth or something. it should be easy enough
  3. As said, you simply MOVE it back and forth. At some point the metal will snap making it even easier.
  4. Thank you all! I'm about to do this but it seems like I've identified the two places "holding" the bracket and what not!
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