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Hello I recently bought a laptop from dell (dell inspiron 17r se) , and it is supposed to have a dedicated graphics card "2gb nvidia 650m" but the device can't be found in system information device manager etc can only see the onboard intel 4000, also tried installing nvidia drivers bu they won't install because they can not find the graphics card, just wondering if anyone has any ideas or potential fixes?

thank you
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  1. You would see it in device manager under 'Display adapters' if it were in the system. If you don't see it, I'd call Dell and have them ship you a new one or return it to the store if you bought it from a retailer.
  2. This is a common problem, Dell are aware but do not have a 100% guaranteed solution. I have already been through a motherboard replacement and now await a possible system exchange. Updating to the latest A14 bios works for some. For more info have a look at the Dell Support Forum and join the many unhappy 17R SE users. Or just google 'faulty nvidia gt650m'.
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