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I was watching a movie when the power outage occurred. When the power come back, my computer wont turn on. When I turn on the PSU switch in the back, the light at the PSU was green. When i turn on the power button in the front there is nothing happen, no fan sound from the PSU, no beep. I tried the paper clip test on the PSU and the fan was spinning fine. The LED light on the motherboard was there. How could i turn it on and what is the problem here?
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  1. I hate to say it but how old is the computer? Also the power supply still could have burnt on the 5V or 3.3v rails
  2. If your MOBO wasn't power-surge protected and you didn't have an UPS, then it likely could be a component that has been damaged. It's hard knowing wether it's the PSU or it's the GPU, the RAM or whatever component it might be.

    If you have some spare parts, then you could systemitcally try replacing one at a time and find the component that might cause the problem.

    However the best way for you is simply to get the PC to a proffesional, who can determine the problem and possibly switch the component.
  3. and if you are in the uk

    you have no come back against the power company for any damage/cost incurred

    found out the hard way after i had a power cut and they turned the power back on

    my pc and electronics are all surge protected

    but surprisingly it blew the electronic ignition on my cooker

    after phoning them i was told they have no liability and have small print to cover them for any damage caused when they turn the power back on

    dont know about other countries if you can claim against the power company
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