recognizing an external 3tb by a tv set

How to configure a samsung tv set (model ue40d5000) so it recognizes an external usb 3.0 hdd
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  1. What are you trying to achieve from this?
  2. im trying to solve a problem my samsung tv set does not recognize a core cnmemory usb 3.0 hdd
  3. it may not be able to recognise a 3tb drive

    they can be problematic enough for windows

    and please dont post the same question more than once
  4. what size drive u using? the manual doesn't say what capacity drive it could handle but it must be fat16 fat32 or ntfs format
    test the usb port out using a small usb stick to see if it isn't already working
    in case you don't have its manual get it here ( ) for English one find page 105 starts the bit about connecting usb and using
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