Asus motherboard hangs

Am getting a red light on the motherboard showing a problem with the VGA and it won't even boot to the splash screen. Just installed the mb & cpu. Asus P6z77 V MB and Intel i5 3570 CPU.
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  1. does it work on the integrated graphics?

    make sure any 6 pin/8 pin connectors to the graphics card are properly connected

    is your psu up to running the graphics card?
  2. If you're having, what appears to be, hardware issues with a motherboard, I would try contacting the manufacturer and utilize the warranty while you have it. My experience with computer hardware is when something goes wrong it other things will too. Even if you can somehow jury rig it and get it to work you're best off fixing it under warranty.

    Wish you luck!
  3. PSU output is insufficient.

    Please provide all your hardware specs for better replies and possible solution.
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