Best GPU choice for 3 monitor setup (different resolutions)

Currently I have 1920x1200 and 1600x1200 monitor running with gtx460.
I recently purchased the 30inch monitor and I'm in need of a new gpu.

I do game a lot. Recently bought simcity and was torn....
Just started playing HOTS

So I have 3 monitors all different resolution
1920x1200 (left) 2550x1600(middle) 1600x1200(right)

I will probably game only on the middle monitors.

I want to know what would be best GPU for this setup.

Options I'm looking into are:


-hd7970 gh edition

-gtx670 4gb? 2gb? does it matter?

-gtx680 4gb? 2gb?

or crossfire or sli option for 7870 or 660? or 660ti? or even 7950

I know prices are all different. Originally i was thinking about 7970 but I keep reading different opinions about my choice.
100-200 dollar difference I'm will to pay for price increase.

Definitely not buying a titan or 690...

I also have corsair 750hx power supply.

Please share your preference and reasoning
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  1. My Ans for multi monitor :
    SLI GTX 680 4GB > Xfire HD7950 3GB > GTX 680 4GB > HD7970 3GB > HD7950 3GB

    SLI/Xfire 2GB/4GB = NOT 4GB/8GB but 2GB/4GB (Memroy doesn't double when Xfire / Sli)

    Higher the VGA memory better it is when on 1440p or over
  2. After having both a 7950 and a GTX 670 I can say with out hesitation to get a 7950 as in my experience it is just all around better than the GTX 6xx cards. With current crop of cards unless you really need CUDA AMD/ATI is the best cards out.
  3. Thanks for the reply! I've always had nvidia but only with single monitors and never had problems so I was hesitant to jump into AMD.
  4. I'm going to suggest just adding in another cheap gpu. Keep the middle display attached to the gtx460 and attach the other two to something good enough/busniss graphics. (i use a gt520 for this purpose)
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