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A 7870 XT or a Nvidia 660 ti? (UK)

i am not biast to these cards in anyway, i have a Gtx 560 in my HTPC and a 7950 in my main PC so...yeh

Now that thats out the way i hope you can tell me which to choose? If you recommend a 660 ti i will most likely buy the MSI twin frozr edition (you know the one with the blue accents?:D) However, if you do reccomend a 7870 XT please could you give me a version of the card and (this is optional btw) a place to buy it i.e a link to a UK website which sells it, thanks for reading and (hopefully) helping :Hello:
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  1. recommend*
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    7870XT becasue it is way cheaper right now than the 660ti and almost the same perf
    The 7950 are the 660ti are more comparable price wise
    You can also flash the bios on the 7950 to the boost version and then it will be faster than the 660ti by a 10-15% margin

    7870XT 171 pounds

    7950 stock (can upgrade bios to boost version) 216 pounds

    660ti 220 pounds

    aggregate price list,124,71&sort=a5
    (the first 7950 for $110 pounds is a broekn link/wrong link for a 7770)

    7950 boost is 10-15% faster than the 7950 stock in the review
  3. Thanks for the reply, but whichversion of the XT shall i buy?
  4. I have only found the Club3d version
    going to take a few min and hit up some other sites
  5. Thanks :D
  6. On amazon there are the powercolour and the vtx3d versions but they are the same type of design and more pricey than the clud3d one

    The only one with a different design is this sapphire one. Its about 20 pounds more and offers a better cooler.
    The cooler on the clud3d version is fine and all but the sapphire one does cool better
    depends if you feel like slightly more OC room [if temp limited] and and cooler card is worth 20 pounds

    Pretty hard OC does stretch the cooler to it's limits

    1200mhz core (24% higher than stock)
  7. Thanks for your all help :D really did help me out :p
  8. No problem :)
    Expect the Sapphire one to be about 10-15% cooler
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