ASUS vs MSI motherboard - Which one should I get

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  1. Both are good motherboards. I own both ASUS and MSI (and a few from ASRock). Looking at the specs - they are almost identical. I do have personal favoritism towards ASUS/ASRock, but that is personal preference, not scientific....
  2. Biggest difference there is that the MSI supports SLI having two PCIe X16 slots that will run X8 X8 in dual card setup but the Asus board has its second slot @X4.
  3. Well, I'm actually going to be using CrossfireX but I'm assuming they still run off the same speeds of x8/x8 or x16/x4?
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    Crossfire at X8 X8 is about 10% faster than at X16 X4 so going with a board that supports that makes a difference. The LK version of the Asus board or the MSI you linked to both would achieve that.
  5. Hmmm, I think the MSI one since they are both about equal as you said, but it matches my Blue LEDs better.

    Also, I don't see it by looking at the pictures but maybe I just missed it, can you tell if they have a plug-in for a front panel USB 3.0 slot? My Case came with it and my old Mobo had it, but I don't see it on either of these. Am I missing it?
  6. They both have it.
  7. You sir, have done it again. Thank you very much for the help! I'll go with the MSI since the color scheme matches better. Thank very kindly! :)
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