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So, at the moment, I'm running a FX-4100 OC'd(Stock Voltage) to 4.2GhZ off of a Thermaltake 500w PSU. I'm looking to upgrade to either the FX6300, the FX8150, or the FX8320. From what I'm seeing the FX8150 should give much better gaming results than my old cpu, and it also comes with a liquid cooler as a package. I'm just concerned I'll have to buy another PSU as well. I'm running a GTX 660ti as well. (Sorry if the English is poor, it's not my firest...or second language XD). Thanks and have a good one!

I've also tried the PSU calculators, but I'm nooby and am not sure if I'm doing it correctly.
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  1. What thermaltake model are you running?
  2. The TR2 500W sorry :X
  3. TR2 series are crap, avoided in many reviews. For that system you need a true quality 500W PSu from Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, NZXT or Silverstone. 650W for future upgrades.
  4. That decides it! Thank you very much for the response. Any advice on the CPU? Or should I hang on to the FX4100 and OC it more?
  5. if your going to upgrade make sure its a vishera core. If you want cheap go 6300 if you want to spend 200 get the 8350. But from everything Ive read the 6300 is amazing.
  6. The only noticeable upgrade will be from FX 8320 or FX 8350 mainly in multi-tasks and gaming as they are Piledriver based CPUs which is more efficient and effective than Bulldozer.
  7. Agreed if you upgrade go with the Piledriver FX but make sure you check the BIOS on your board and upgrade if you have to so you have support for them.
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