Start Menu Error Moving File Or Folder

My problem: I am no longer able to move a file or a folder within Start Menu.

Actions I've taken so far:
I ran Malwarebytes' Anti-Virus and Trojan Hunter (latest version) -- no malware found. I cleaned up registry, etc using CCleaner and TuneUp 1-Click Maintenance. I did an extra disk cleanup using Window XP's Disk Cleaner Utility. And then I did a manual cleanup of C:/Document and Settings' Cookies, Local Services > Temp, and Local Services > Temporary Internet Files. Rebooted PC. Still unable to move an item or folder within Windows XP's Start Menu. I then did Start Menu > right-click Properties > Classic Menu's Customize > Advance > went to All Users' C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs and tried to move the item from here -- same error "Error Moving File or Folder". BTW, I tried to move a file and I also tried to move a folder -- same error.

I think this is a registry permissions problem but I don't know how to change the permissions and to which permissions need be enabled/disabled. BTW, my user profile is "Administrator". Please help.
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  1. I found the solution -- it was a permissions problem.

    See "Reset the Registry & the File Permissions" at the web site

    You will run a "" -- at one point, your motherboard alarm will sound a lot (leave it running). When the is complete, reboot your PC. Voila, you can again move items/folders within your Start Menu. :-)
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