PC is too slow cant run dual displays or videos without lagging!

i have an Intel Core2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz with a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4 with 2 gb RAM.

I would like to know if i could just buy another 2gb RAM to improve the the computers perfomance.
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  1. No - RAM in this system will not help much. The lagging is likely a result of poor graphics card(that you did not list) and only 2 cores running relatively slow. Save your money for a mobo/RAM/GPU upgrade.
  2. while i agree with the post above, i think that nowadays 4gb should be the minimum
  3. Your motherboard will take lots of newer faster socket 775 cpus - check the list here:

    You should be able to pick up a Q8xxx or Q9xxx quad core cpu cheaply on ebay for example. If you can get some extra 1GB DDR2 memory cheaply then that would help as well.
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    775 cpus are way over priced for what they are - replace is the best option with newer cpu/mobo.
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