Weird Hard drive problem

My Harddrive 500GB (Toshiba dt01ac050 ata device) which install in the computer was working fine. But after around 3 weeks, one day, while i was playing a game, the game suddenly is not responding. The game file i store inside the 500GB (Toshiba dt01ac050 ata device) harddrive. I went to restart my computer and realise the starting of com is slower as while as the shuting down of it. while in the past it start up and shut down very fast .I went to check my harddrive and say incorrect parameter. And currently only the 64Gb harddrive is working. Went to the disk management, it keep loading saying loading disk configuration information, and it takes forever to load. In my computer which show the harddrive, it did show the 64gb hard drive and 500gb hard drive but when you press the 500gb harddrive, it will become not responding.
Pls help!!!!
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  1. sound like it fail.
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