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looking for a good graphic card.


HP Pro 3400 MT Series
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium x64
CPU: Intel core i5 @ 3.1 ghz
Ram : 1x 4gb DDR3
HDD: 2x 500 gb
Motherboard : Foxconn 2ABF
Graphics: Intel HD 2000
psu.300 w

i need a gpu for playing games at max settings without lag,like GTA IV..and all the newest games too.

my budget is around 100 $...
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  1. Get the HD7770 or 650TI add another 4gb ddr3 module if you got 64bit windows
  2. I would also recommend the 7770. You won't get max settings, but you should be able to run medium 1080p comfortably with most games. To get max settings on most games at 1080p, you will need to push your budget closer to $400.
  3. is ati 5450 a good gpu
  4. i need a gpu that can be handled by my psu-300 watt

    does my motherboard accept ddr5 video card??
  5. which is best nvidia or ati?

    what price does ati 7770 have?

    my monitor is 17"
  6. Yes I would Get the 7750 or 7770 on that 300W PSU

    In terms of performance 650ti > 7770 > 7750 .

    Also for pricing etc please let us which part of the world your located?

    Rough estimate:

    7770 £100
    7750 £80
    You can use currency converter :)

    Hope this helps.
  7. which is best nvidia or ati?
    when it comes to performance, i would recommend the AMD (ATI) cards
  8. As for value for performance, I would stick with AMD, unless you edit videos in which CUDA can help speed things up. A 5450 is way too slow. Stick with at least a 7750.
  9. is 7750 good for my psu?
  10. can i increase vram on intel 2000,,,bios - american megatrends
  11. Best answer
    Yes, that card will work fine with your stock psu. Your onboard gpu will use system memory as its own. The more system memory you have, the more you can use for the cpu's gpu (up to a point). If you have 8GB that should be fine.
  12. max settings 1080p $400??? lol...
    7870 will max out 97% of games @ 1080p... $190 on a good deal
    7950 will max out 97% of games @ 1440p... $270 on a good deal
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