How can I use my X-Box 360 headset on PC?

My headset is the Turtle Beach XL1 (for X-Box 360). So I wanna know if I can use it for PC or if I need to buy an adapter or something like that. In case of the need to buy an adapter, please tell me which. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 14r (newest version).
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    What you need:
    -A Microsoft xbox 360 wired controller (don't pay extra for the "PC" compatible version. All you're doing is paying extra for the drivers disk, which you can get for free. As long as the controller is wired it will work on your PC).
    -The Xbox 360 headset

    1) Get the drivers for the controller at
    2) Download the drivers and run the .exe to install the drivers
    3) Plug in your headset to your controller.
    4) Plug in your controller into your PC's usb port.
    5) Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices > Sounds and Audio Devices > Audio (Tab). Under Playback, choose your sound card in your PC. Under Recording, choose XBOX 360 for Windows (Headset). Click Volume for Recording and slide it to maximum.

    If the headset connects to your Xbox controller this method should work, if not.. well this wont work. Hope it does :)
  2. The headset that you have has what type of connector on the end of the cable? If it's a USB end then you should be able to plug it into your laptops usb port.
  3. xAdam is right but that only works if you buy and use the wired Xbox controller instead of your mouse and keyboard (some games have controller support but lots don't or only have partial). Depends on what ports you have on your computer. From a quick look you should be fine (most PCs will have them but may be different for laptops) but it also depends on whether there are any default Windows drivers or any special ones for this headset because if it only has Xbox ones it won't work.
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