Help! Cant connect power sw to asrock 970 extreme 3

Hey guys! I know this may seem like a dumb question but i can't find a spot to connect my power switch or reset switch or LED header too, my liquid cooling system is lighting up when i connect the power supply so i know that both the power supply/mobo are functioning. I tried connecting them to item #23 in the manual, a red light appears in the front of my tower but its the little circle not the big one :(. Any ideas?
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  1. Hi,
    The item 23 is the header for the front panel wires.
    Disconnect all wires from the header and try shortly touching with a screwdriver the 2 pins PWRBTN and GND. See if the board does start.
  2. It did not start, do i need to put ram in it to start? I have everything in it except my gpu& ram
  3. There's a test for power supplies:
    Connect a fan to one of the PSU molex connectors and see if it does spin.

    If the PSU does work, is the 8-pin power cable connected to the motherboard?
    What CPU using?
  4. The power supply worked , i just tested it on my old PC
  5. What CPU using?
    If you connect a fan to the motherboard, is it spinning when starting the board?
  6. AMD FX 8 Core With liquid cooling with it. and no fans are starting, and the board itself won't start, the water cooling is lighting up so i know the board is recieving power
  7. Some of the 8 core require a BIOS update. Check the CPU Support list:
    And yes, the system would not POST without RAMs and GPU.
    However the case fans should spin when starting the board.
    Is the 8-pin power cable connected to the motherboard?
  8. Yes, the 8 pin is attached, everything seems to be attached, I'm really at a loss, and i cant update the bios if i cant turn my computer on>? ALso my processor is suppoted/
  9. Maybe taking the system to a local shop would help.
  10. Your 8 pin is mis-arranged for the socket of your Mobo, this happens sometimes, you can verify this by looking in the header pinouts in the motherboard manual and comparing it to the header pin-outs written on the front panel switch. This is why your reset button is on, your mobo is sending electricity to your reset light instead of your power button as they are misaligned

    The solution is somewhat simple and safe, but not for the faint of heart. Take a craft knife and cut between the two leftmost rows of the case connector, then rotate them 90 degrees.

    You must have a old or rare case, most new cases come with them already separated for this very reason.
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