HELP!!! AMD FX-8350 cpu temp ok??

not sure what my temp is during intense gameplay, but when i die on a game and hit alt tab to read my temp on thermal radar it says i'm at 50 degrees celsius. Is that a safe temperature? im not overclocking or anything. My rig has ASUS Sabertooth 990FXA R2.0 mobo, AMD FX 8350 CPU, and EVGA GTX 660Ti. Should i invest in a corsair H60 or are my temps ok.
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  1. The max safe temp for the FX 8350 is 62C I believe (from what I observed, FX CPUs don't heat up very much). Anything past that can possibly damage the CPU. Keep in mind that software readings are off by several degrees. As of right now, you're fine, but I would definitely consider getting a good cooler. This way, you have room to overclock and you stay well below the max safe temp.
  2. Looks like you're using stock hsf on your 8350. Normal temps for gaming under a stock hsf. You're fine :)
    Investing in an aftermarket cooler is always a good thing, keeps cpu even cooler and your mind at ease.
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