Graphics card not detected, stuck with chipset!

Well attempted to upgrade from an NVIDIA 256MB Geforce 7500LE to a Radeon HD 6450. The Radeon card was new out of the box but when booted the Motherboard DVI slot is automatically selected and chipset graphics are used. I've flashed my motherboard and attempted to change the BIOS setting but I've had no luck and keep coming to the same problem.

Specs I currently have though this if needed I'll root for more specifics:

OS: Windows 8 pro 32 bit
System manufacturer/model: GATEWAY GM5074B
BIOS: Default system BIOS
RAM: 2 x 1 GB
Currently using G965 Chipset Family for display -_-
350W power supply though I’ve been told this is sufficient
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  1. If you have your monitor plugged in to your graphics card, there is no way it can use the integrated chip.
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