PC fan wiring for science project PLEASE HELP!

Im making a USB A/C unit for a high school science project, and i need help figuring out which wire is which. On the PC fans, the wires are all silver(one being slightly darker) rather than red, black and yellow. I'm also hooking up the wires to a swiitch btw.

Someone with electrical know-how please help me out. :(
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  1. http://www.marnscda.com/PCWire101.htm

    Scroll down there are pictures of the pinout for fans.

    But if you hold the little plugin with the 2 little tabs facing down and you are looking at the end that plugs in its Grd,+12,Sense

  2. Making an AC off a 2.5 watt power source may not work so well(while most ports will give more, the spec calls for 2.5 watts[5v x 0.5a = 2.5w]).

    Also, PC fans want 12 volts(many will run on 5, but will be slower) and a usb port puts out 12 volts.

    While a DC->DC converter can get you 12 volts, you still will have very little power to work with(if you plan to actually have an electrical cooler).

    You should find some 5 volt fans if you can.
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