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ati radeon hd 5700

this is not resolved can anyone else help.
Here is the previous thread:

I'm having a problem with my graphics card. Up until now I have been using a standard vga driver as the radeon driver causes a black screen at my desktop (after loading windows 7x64, i get a black screen). The vga driver worked well up until recently when my display would turn off after 5 min and after trying to reset display times to never in power options, it still turned off. I would like to use my radeon graphics card but can't find a driver that works and most are catalyst drivers which I've also tried to install and it can not find the driver.
Can anybody help. If you need more information about the system, please be specific as to where I would find it.

The standard Radeon driver SHOULD be working. You either have a hardware problem with the card or a software glitch with the system.

I'm a little confused as you say the "Radeon" driver causes a black screen but you can't find a "Catalyst" driver that works properly?

There's only one proper driver which is linked from AMD:

Choose the "autodetect" feature from the Support & Drivers section.

You SHOULD end up at the following page, but I want you to do the autodetect method first to verify this:

a) Download the file
b) got to Add/Remove and look for anything that says AMD or Catalyst and remove it
c) Reboot
d) Install the new drivers

If these drivers won't even install you probably have a software issue. It could also be a hardware issue but I would not expect that to prevent the installation of the drivers; usually hardware issues manifest as artifacts on the screen or crashing the computer.

While you do get a black screen it also worked just using the "standard VGA driver" which I assume means whatever Windows 7 installed so it doesn't feel like a hardware issue.

March 7, 2013 12:42:57 PM

while i was waiting for your reply, I managed to get a radeon driver installed (it wouldn't install earlier because of microsoft C+++), but it won't load into windows for me to roll back the driver and the display still turns off so I can't restore windows with the repair disk. Bear with me while I try to do one or the other above.

March 7, 2013 7:01:12 PM

i installed the recommended driver and windows won't load. I am currently in the midst of trying to restore or roll back the driver. Any other ideas?
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    do a clean install of the driver. AMD has a download to do this or you can use what i use "Driver Fusion". i prefer driver fusion as it will do other drivers as well but these are meant to remove as much of the old drivers as possible for a fresh install of the new drivers. The current drivers you should use are CCC 13.1 this driver is confirmed to work on an ATI Radeon 5770 without issues. FYI stay away from 12.10 as it was known to cause issues with the 5770 and 6770 cards.

    here is the link to the driver you need for Win7 X64 ATI Radeon 5770.

    also remove any Overclock programs that you may have to OC the GPU to insure a clean install and settings.
  2. this is the driver I used and windows 7 x 64 will not load. Can you tell me more about the overclock program and how to do that.
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