Faster Computer Processor or Ram?

My computer is pretty slow for me when i have a lot of applications open. Right now, my computer has a Athlon II X2 215 processor (2.70 GHz) and the ram is 4gb. Will adding a new processor (Probably the AMD FX 8320), or a 8gb ram make my computer faster?
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  1. You will see more improvement with a quad core processor.
  2. would probably be best to try extra ram first since that is the cheaper option, then yes if your motherboard supports it the 8320 would be significantly faster.
  3. If an individual app is significantly slower with lots of other apps running, I might suggest more ram.
    If you are doing lots of demand paging, it will look like a slow cpu. Use the task manager/performance monitor to check the hard faults per second under load. If the sum of all the working sets is near the total of your ram, more ram will help.

    In a similar vein, look at the cpu busy graph and see if both your tasks are consistently fully utilized.
    If they are, changing to an 8 core will help.

    If you have not yet done so, consider a SSD. It is usually the most dramatic performance improver you can buy.
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