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BIOs or OS Not See Video Card

How do I get the MB and OS to see and work with my video card.
- Background: I just built a new system with an ASUS motherboard, 64 bit Windows7, and a ASUS HD 7770 DirectCU TOP video card. Everything seems to be working except the video card. I am currently using the on board video and I did enable the multi monitor support in the BIOs and still no video out the video card. I will appreciate any reccomendations.
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    cheese start with updating the mb bios to the newest rev..could be a bios bug. most times with new build and muilt monitor turned on..have to instsall the amd/intel mb chipset drivers first...the the drivers for the onboard gpu. if the other video card is found it be called standard vga in windows device manager. the card wont work if the 4/8 pin pic power connector on the mb is not conencted and or all the power plugs on the video card are connected. download the newest amd drivers and the card should be seen. if it is seen then go into the bios and switch the primany display from ipgpu to peg/pci and connect the video cable to the video card.
  2. smorizio, you are my hero! One of your suggestions in your post of this new problem, with the video card, about making sure the power connector on the video card was connected. I did not have power connected to the video card from the power supply. Once I found the connetor and connected power from the power supply to the video card windows found the card with no problems. I am now using the video card and have said thanks and good-bye to the HDMI output from the MB. The connector on the video card was very hard to see. The case around the video card is black, the connector is black and is slightly recessed inside the case of the video card in the rear of the video card's case. So now my new computer is up and running using both my monitors on the video card! All that is left to do is work on fine tuning the display and the rest of the setup of Windows. I still have to get the drivers downloaded to the machine, I have been working on that, and then get Windows to make the two monitors as one BIG desktop. Right now there is two desktops, one is a mirror of the other. I believe I have to get the Asus firmware/software installedl for the video card before Windows can make one BIG desktop spreading over two monitors.
    smorizion: You have been a really big and valuable help. Thank you my friend.
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