can i copy battlefield 3 from my pc to my laptop and work online ?

i will buy bf3 for my pc ( i will upgrade my pc in the next two month's)
My brother want to play battlefield 3 and make his own account
i will put the online pass code in the pc and i hope it works
after i put the online pass code and start to play online can i just copy battlefield 3 from the pc and put it into my laptop and play online too?
how can i make account to play online?
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  1. No, you need 2 separate battlefield 3 games/online pass codes.
  2. Please don't post duplicate posts
  3. if you weren't trying to share accounts (i.e. you own two computers) its no prob. the game needs origin and you need an account and an activated bf3. but if you guys wanna play together you need two accounts. cant share.
  4. you will need two Origin (unfortunately) accounts, and purchase two copies of the game. the game is quite demanding however, make sure your laptop can run it before you make an investment in a second copy of the game.
  5. what will happen if i accidentally deleted battlefield 3 files (data,....etc) and i have coped the game to my hardware .will it asks for the online pass code again?
    i am going to format the C:/ and change my windows will this affect on bf3 files? delete anything?
  6. your game is tied to origin, as long as you have your account details, you will have the game.
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