can i copy battlefield 3 from my pc to my laptop and play online ?

i will buy bf3 for my pc ( i will upgrade my pc in the next two month's)
My brother want to play battlefield 3 and make his own account
i will put the online pass code in the pc and i hope it works
after i put the online pass code and start to play online can i just copy battlefield 3 from the pc and put it into my laptop and play online too?
how can i make account to play online?
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  1. Bf3 uses a 1 account use key so it won't work unless you play on the same account. You'll have to get a new copy of bf3 you want to play too
  2. battlefield 3 uses Origin and you will only be able to us it on the account you buy it on. So yes you could put it on your laptop but only if you are logging into the same account you got it with. That means that your bother would have to use your account as the game will tied to that and not his.
  3. I made several accounts in origin and battle log why you say I only play with one account?
  4. The game is tied to your account. You can download and play online with as many PC's as you like, but you can only be logged in on one of them.
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