Cannot access BIOS to change boot order

I was trying to install Windows 7 from a USB stick and I went into the bios to change the boot order and now I am completely unable to get into the bios to change the boot order back. F2 F12 nothing is working. This is on my Dell Inspiron I17RSE-3589BK laptop. Operating System not found screen followed by an Exiting PXE Rom screen that constantly repeats and goes no where. I had changed the boot from UEFI to Legacy and now I just have no access to the bios settings at all. I've tried pulling the hard drive and restarting as well still nothing.
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  1. you have to clear CMOS
  2. Any other way to do that other than pulling the CMOS Battery?
  3. Pull the battery.

    Go make a drink or sandwich.

    Plug back in.


  4. I pulled the laptop battery over night and put it back in and get the same result. Looks like the CMOS Battery is the only option.
  5. Probably is the battery but try pulling the battery and holding the power button for 10 seconds or so
  6. So I've pulled the CMOS Battery and let the computer sit without it or the regular battery for an hour. I put both batteries back and get the same problem, still no access to BIOS and the same operating system not found stuff. Any ideas?
  7. Leave the CMOS battery in and pull the regular power battery out. Hold the power button down for 10-20 seconds.

    Can you verify the USB drive is bootable on another system?
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