Can't access the internet after I deleted a user account that I wasn't using

I deleted a user account from my Acer desktop with Vista because no one used it. As soon as I did that I was unable to access the internet and I can no longer open QuickBooks. It says my network connection to the internet is still working.

Thanks for your help, Taylor
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  1. Deleting an account won't have any affect on network access. Unless it is your account then be couscous of what your do,

    Something else is at play here.

    Do you have any firewalls/AV software on?

    Can you ping from command prompt? If not then can you ping your router?


    Try running this command:

    ipconfig /flushdns

    If this doesn't resolve your issue then please type: ipconfig /all and paste the info back on this forum.
  2. On a side note.. Deleting any account is risky. Even if you have a clue what you are doing.

    How did you delete the account? If you went to C:\Users\<user> to delete then that can have advserse effects.

    Always remove them via Control Panel :)
  3. Lets get started by you posting your PC model number for the PC that is experiencing issues.

    After that I'd like you to go to Start menu, right click on "My Computer," and select manage.

    Now go to device manager, open up the "Network Adapter" tree. Now you should see your network connection, right click on it, and uninstall. If you don't know which one, if there is several, post a screen shot and we can tell you which one.

    After you uninstall it, reboot. If Windows does not install the network adapter automatically, don't worry, you will download it and reinstall it from the manufacturers site.
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