DIY motherboard standoffs using pennies and electrical tape?

Hi, I have some empty desk space so I'm thinking of putting my pc components on it instead of using a case.

I'm thinking of wrapping stacks of 5 pennies in electrical tape to use as standoffs for the motherboard, which I'll tape on the bottom where the screw holes are. Then I will place the mobo with electrical tape standoffs on top of a wooden table.

I know copper is conductive but will the black electrical tape be enough to prevent any shorting?

Pennies are pretty useless and I thought it would be a good opportunity to put them to use.
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  1. I wouldn't recommend doing that. You are better off leaving the stand-offs connected to the mobo than putting copper pennies (although wrapped in electrical tape) under your mobo. You are also asking for more problems by leaving your mobo exposed to the elements (liquids/more dust/etc.). Why do you want to do this?
  2. if you want build yourself a test bench or min looking rig. use a piece of acrilic sheet. for the base and then drill/thread the sheet for the mb standoffs. there are free atx mb patterns out there. another option have a piece of aluminim cut to 14 inches square and then use 4 case feet on the four corners.
    then standoffs in the right atx pattern to keep the mb from shorting out. with a desk top look you have to hide the power supply and drives.
  3. Yeah, I'd suggest just getting actual standoffs and attaching them to your mobo. The pennies might slip around, then short/bump something they shouldn't.

    Leaving a motherboard on a desk unprotected is asking for trouble though. Cases exist for a reason.

    On the "pennies are pretty useless" side of things I have to agree - here in NZ our smallest coin is 10c.
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