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when i try to change my unallocated disk space to new primary volume and follow the instuctions , an error occurs. it says " the operation you have selected will convert the selected basic disk to dynamic disks. if you convert you will not be able to start installed operating system from any volume (except the current boot volume. are you sure you want to continue ? "
now when i click on yes.. it says " dynamic disks are not supported by this operating system or this configuration. dynamic disks are not supported on clusters."

what should i do now as i have 120 GB of unallocated space ????
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  1. Are the disk now a dynamic disk?

    what OS did u use?
    in win try go to disk management and in the unalocated space select create new basic partition....
    from the error it seems u trying to convert the disk into dynamic disk not creating new partition/volume
  2. i have win 7 home ,
    no , disks are not dynamic now.
    i figured out that earlier i had 4 primary partitions. and unknowingly i created another one (unallocated) so total 5. and now i am not able to make that unallocated partition a primary one.
    when i right click on unallocated partition nd select 'new simple volume' , i follow the steps and ultimately i get the error mentioned earlier.

    what to do now ??
  3. well , just now i solved this problem... i extended my C: partition and the unallocated partition is now merged with it. :D
    but still i have a question..
    as i have 4 primary partitions , i wont be able to make another partition by shrinking the existing partition..
    what should i do with this bcoz my C: drive has 400 GB of space which i want to divide into 2 drives.
  4. As I know the primary partition is limited by 3 or 4 (forgot how many) in one disk to able had more u need the last partition is a logical/extended partition.. (logical/extended partition can be split to 2, 3, or more volumes/drives..)

    this my requires u resize the partition... (so the unused space is in the last partition)
    then delete the the last partition.... (make sure the drive is empty and the data is moved somewhere else)
    after that create logical/extended partition in the free space.....
    and then divide them into new volume as much as u needed...

    this could be hard work.....
  5. yess... even i figured that out..
    i will have to make a back up of one of my primary volume and then delete it and then shrink the partition to create a new one...
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