Is OSX Really better than Windows for Adobe applications?

I was thinking about buying a laptop to accompany my workhorse Windows 7 desktop. I do most of my work on my desktop because it will destroy any laptop I can get my hands on. (3930k, GTX 690, etc.) Recently, I have become more mobile and needing a laptop more and more each day. My question is mainly is OSX really better than Windows in CS6 applications? (obviously running on the same machine/hardware) I am stuck between a MBP 15" Retina (2.4GHz, GTX 650M, 16GB Memory) and a Sager NP9370 (3630QM, GTX 680M, 16GB Memory), and they are the same price. Does OSX really out perform Windows enough to pay the premium for a Mac? Thanks!
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    No, that's an outdated myth from 10 years ago.
  2. The reason why it is not is Apples use to use a different processor technology that was more expensive called RISC. The modern version of it would be ARM but slightly different in implementation. Apple uses exactly the same hardware as windows based systems now for the most part, making it pointless in that aspect. The only difference you'll find now it between the OS's, which have very little impact on the performance overall using comparable driver releases for your hardware.
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