How to properly move xp installation to usb drive as live usb

I got this old machine (gateway sx2850 with i3 540) and it has no hard i decided i use a flash drive as the boot is a 16gb toshiba transmemory usb 2.0 drive.i installed windows xp on a virtual machine,and used easeus partition manager to copy the virtual drive to the flash drive,rebuilt the mbr,and set it as i have a bsod 0x7B,0xF78A6528,0xC0000034 bug does not sho UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME though.
Some things the bsod says...
Check for viruses on your computer.(can skip this)
Remove newly installed hard drives and hard drive controllers(no spare hdd for reinstall or anything like that)
Check your hard drive to make sure it is properly configured and terminated.(dun understand)
Run chkdsk /f(you dont say)
Restart computer(bsod still happen)
How do it fix the controller or reset it?thanks in advance.
(Freeware only plz thx)
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  1. 0x00007b is almost invariably an unnmountable disk problem so perhaps there's a problem with the ISO. Alternatively, it could be as simple as the BIOS not having been set for USB Legacy Support so the system is jumping to the next bootable option which might itself be unmountable.
  2. Nevermind i used a trick.i installed xp on a vm onto the usb drive with virtualbox(the vm does not have a vhd,vdi etc attached,only the usb flash drive),and at the first reboot,i turned the computer off,plugged the usb key and dvd into the sx2850 and setup completed.(the dvd seems to install with a gui even at the start and nlite is not possible.)
  3. Glad you got it sorted.
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