i5 2300 or i3 2120 for gaming?

I just wonder which will be better for multitasking(mostly gaming)?
i3 2120 3.3 GHz or
i5 2300 2.8 GHz

And which gpu will better for latest games at 1280x768 60Hz LCD?
my budget is around 10,000 INR(185 USD)

HD 7750(consumes low power, matters lot for me)
HD 6790
gtx 550ti
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    For multitasking, I would go with the quad core i5. The 2300 is sandy bridge 32nmwhich has been superseded by ivy bridge 22nm, likely the i5-3330.

    All three graphics cards are comparable in gaming capability.
    I would pick the 7750 based on the less restrictive power requirements.
  2. If low power matters a lot then get the HD7750 or step it up one tier and get the HD7770.

    For the CPU, get the i5-2300 or again, step it up one tier and get the i5-2400.
  3. One more vote for an I5.
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