Help me pick a case after many problems please!

I've been trying to find the prefect case for my needs, but every one I've looked at always seems to have issues that prevent me from fully being able to utilize its features. Here are my requirements:

*Very compact size. Go as small as you can please! I will be taking this from my mom's house to my dad's house to lan parties to vacations in the US and to vacations in other countries across the oceans. I'd like it to be able to nicely fit in carry-on luggage size limitations. (That means none of those pesky excessive hard drive bays. I only need TWO bays.
*But it needs to be able to comfortably fit a GTX 690 (11 inches)
*I'd like it to look like a gaming case, not an HTPC case. I'll be replacing all the fans with blue LEDs)
*Pretty tall CPU cooler
*Side window please! (Who wouldn't want to show off that sexy 690?!
Carrying handles would be nice but are DEFIANTLY NOT REQUIRED!!
*Space for a modular PSU of 150 mm. (SeaSonic X-850) (Not like the bitfenix prodigy where theres a wall right on the end of the PSU cage and leaving no room for cables to go through comfortably. If they fit than that case is fine but its a little big for mini-ITX (16 inches high...)
*deep enough to house a 12 inch sunlight stick
*nice airflo
*I put the price last because it's the least of my worries. I
ll decide that after reposes start coming in. Everything on the top though is what really counts!
Thank you for all your responses and time to help me! I appreciate all of your efforts to help out another hopeless person build their PC.
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  1. Bitfenix prodigy and mod a window
  2. dan2222 said:
    Bitfenix prodigy and mod a window

    I don't think my PSU cables will fit through the cage and even if they do they aren't gonna get very far in terms of cable management. As for the window I'd just buy Bitfenix's window side panel attachment thing. Plus, 16 inches high is the same as my NZXT Vulcan, I wanna go even smaller in terms of height
  3. Corsair C70?
  4. Anonymous said:
    Corsair C70?

    Are you kidding me? That thing is freaking huge!
  5. I found this case which should be good for all your needs.
    Hope this helps..JQ
  6. What hardware are you planning on installing in this very compact computer case?
  7. BwwwJ1st said:
    What hardware are you planning on installing in this very compact computer case?

    I don't think there's anything special besides the GTX 690. mATX motherboard, Hyper 212 EVO.
    I'd really like a side window though.
  8. There is this one:
    But i don't think it will support that video card.
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