Need more people advice on decision

Now, I have a choice between a gaming laptop or a gaming computer.
I am in 1st year of 6th form and it's 1 more year then I go to Uni, don't worry I am still studying loads.
I go round to my friends house to play, like a week a year, so the laptop is obviously great for portability. The downside is that it costs a lot of money, being a laptop.
The computer on the other hand is quite a bit cheaper but not so portable. I can have a bigger screen and is probably a bit better gaming experience. Pro gamers use computers.
Laptop: £1100 roughly, (I am customising it myself)
PC: £800 (not including monitor, including keyboard and mouse). (and customising myself)
I do want to eventually take to Uni but at the moment I am still at home, space at home is not an issue.
Please help and give opinions. Thank you.
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  1. Laptop portability is nice, especially since you will be at college. The current grade of "gaming" laptops do a decent job at moderate gaming, but you will never have the power of a full blown desktop. Gaming laptops also generate a lot of heat and battery life is not so great either. Also, there will be a factor of being able to upgrade the desktop gaming PC when it becomes obsolete. I'd compromise and get an everyday "work" laptop when you go off to college and get a gaming desktop now.

    EDIT: Let me clarify the everyday "work" laptop. Instead of spending the $$$ to buy a laptop with dedicated GPU, get a laptop based on AMD or Intel's integrated GPU as they should still play most games at low to medium settings.
  2. You could get a micro ITX enclosure with a micro ITX Mobo and slap an i5, 7950/670, and some CAS7 latency RAM, maybe an SSD too, and you got yourself a LANparty beast, that you can move easily.

    Should do nicely

    EDIT: Also that case comes in different colors and has the ability to fit GPU's up to 320mm which covers just about any card on the market. Also if your going with this enclosure you can use a closed loop water CPU cooler to reduce stress on the mobo when you move it around.

    Just a tad over budget without keyboard, monitor, mouse, but it should shred any game you throw at it on high.
  3. laptop with a port that is ok for vidock systems, and then put a desktop card in an enclosure.

    Not sure what ports they need.
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