Seasonic M12II or G550

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($99)Seasonic M12II -->

($104)Seasonic G550 -->

Both are reputable brands, both are semi-modular... they differ in their output power, they differ in 80 PLUS certification, and the G550 has gold plated terminals wherein the M12II does not have...

so should I buy the Seasonic M12II(620W) or should I buy the Seasonic G550(550W)

-Thank You in Advance!
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  1. neither. get the xfx 550w for 59.99. same thing as the seasonic m12 just non modular and a hell of a lot cheaper
  2. did u mean the XFX Pro 550w Core Edition?
  3. Seasonic makes all xfx power supplies
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Seasonic makes all xfx power supplies

  5. but how about the 80 PLUS GOLD Certification on the G550, do I have to consider the 80 PLUS Certifications when buying a PSU?
  6. Yes you do.

    Gold certification means it is at least 90% efficient at 50% of its rated wattage (at 115V 92% efficient at 230V)

    I always try to buy gold or platinum power supplies.
  7. +1 ^
  8. The G550 is a way better unit (tight voltage regulation and ripple suppression). Plus, it's 80+ Gold and a newer unit so it's bound to be more expensive than the M12II. But, if you don't really mind those things (but you should), you can't go wrong with the M12II or the XFX one.
  9. My vote is G550. Actually, I wish I would have bought this for a little more than my Bronze one (S12II 520W). The less heat generated is desirable. Where I live the difference is $15.

    What matter is the quality of the psu and its electrical performance, of course, if you find a cheap quality psu with plus gold certificate, it's* a chance not to be missed, the Seasonic G550 is at a good price and it's cheaper than the m12ii 620.
    Pcpartpicker tells me it's around 80-90$ :

    While the M12ii 620 is $99.48 :
    (out of stock in superbiiz, newegg with shipping it's $100.17)
  11. I always thought the efficiency was great in terms of the decrease in heat generated. The higher the efficiency the less heat generated inside the case (and less heat that surrounds the GPU, which is already hot). Sounds good to me.
  12. i would never pay double for something that is only 5% better
  13. TheBigTroll said:
    i would never pay double for something that is only 5% better

    Totally agree. However, OP is comparing two models that are almost identical in price but one produces less heat and wastes less power.
  14. true, but why not spend less on another unit
  15. If the op wants a modular psu(the plus gold certification comes as an extra), the seasonic G550 is a good choice, if he doesn't, the xfx 550 core edition is cheaper, with still good efficiency levels.
    Also, it might be useful to know what kind of system it will be powering, also if you plan to add a SLI/Crossfire of x or y card.
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