Windows 8 SSD/HDD problem.

I just bought a new HP laptop and installed a Samsung 840 Pro alongside the HDD and mSSD. I migrated the OS and my files with Samsung's migration software. The problem is that it will not boot anymore, besides to a temporary windows profile via the SSD. When trying to boot to the standard hard drive, it just gives me an error code of 0xc0000225. Even when I try to change the boot order, only the SSD shows up.

The hard drive and the mSSD are in a raid 0 volume I believe, if that matters.

I do not currently have a repair/recovery CD, but I am going to get one. I have tried to make one via the recovery menu, but when I try to access that or the PC settings, it just boots me out and refreshes the main desktop screen and the menu bar.

I am not sure what to do now. If anyone knows how to fix this, please help.

Thank you.
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  1. You should uninstall Intel Rapid Start before changing your system.
  2. I had a problem recently where a newer windows 8 update caused my pc to be unable to boot using ssd acceleration. Could be what you're facing:!-Latest-Windows-8-updates-and-SSD-Acceleration!.aspx#.UWyNNT5wxvo
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