PC Freezes While On Games But Not On Furmark

Hello forum, I wasn't sure as to where I should have posted this question since I'm new to this site. Anyway, my problem is that my brand new PC freezes after a while when playing games. When I say freeze, I mean that the monitor's image doesn't change at all and a reset is required! No key combination is responsive. The weird thing about this problem is that I run benchmarks and test and there was nothing to be found. Prime95 ended successfully, Memtest86 the same, furmark goes on and on but still, when I play games, my PC freezes! My full system is as follows:

Fazn Case Perseus Black Midi Tower

Corsair Builder Series CX500 500W PSU 80+ Bronze

Gigabyte GA-H77-D3H (rev. 1.1)

Intel® Core™ i5-3330 Processor

CPU Cooling System:
Corsair H50

XMS3 - 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit (CMX8GX3M2A1600C9)

Graphics Card:

Hard Drives:
Samsung 840 Series 120GB 2.5-inch SSD
Seagate ST3750525AS 750GB HDD 3.5" (32MB Cache, 7200RPM, Sata 6Gb/s)

Optical Drives:
AD-5260S Sony-Optiarc: High Speed DVD RW Drive (24x)

Operating System:
Genuine Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

Wireless Adapter:

No overclocking has been done. Tried fresh installation of Windows. Windows 8 64-bit freezes without even playing games.
Please HELP! I know that this site is the best place to solve these issues!
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  1. I have an H50. take it off and try the stock heat sink and fan.
  2. swifty_morgan said:
    I have an H50. take it off and try the stock heat sink and fan.

    I will try it and keep you updated.
  3. If it doesn't work please post how long have you ran memtest, do you use latest ati drivers (manually downloaded), have you monitored your CPU temp.
  4. Please dont duplicate post

    What does event viewer say happened prior to the freeze ?
  5. check that the mb bios has all of the patches installed. with the ram make sure intel xmp profile is turned on. if your mb has the mvp software that bonds the ipgpu and gpu together check that it not installed. the older mvp software is know to hang systems and some games. in the bios make sure the pci/peg is set as the first video display adaptor and muilt monitor support is turned off and your monitor is connected to the gpu and not onboard video port. check that the video card itself has all the power plugs on tight. last isue might be the 12v line on the power supply is to low or the vidoe card pulling the max amps from the 12v rail and it not holding.
  6. I bought a new motherboard. Everything got solved. Thanks for trying forum.
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