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Hello everyone....I have got a sony vio second hand lap last month...I wr usig it properly without any problem..but day befor yesterday I decided to install windows 8..after installing I pressed shutdown option n its get off.then I closed my lap and kept it on my bag..after some time whn I took my lap out from my bag I opend my lap n I shocked to see that my lap is getting n automatically without pressing the power button...again I tured off n closed my lap..after some time again I opend n without pressing the power button its getting on....I m totally confsed wih this problem...plz help me...
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  1. Grammar is a bit dodgy.. Are you saying your laptop cuts on by its self?
  2. I think he's saying it turns on by itself. I'd check to see if it even turns off. I remember this from ages ago. Bios issue with the S states? Something like that. I'd try updating the bios. Or check the power options in 8. Make sure nothing funny is set to happen when lid is closed.
  3. I think that you are accidently pressing the sleep button instead of the shut down button.
    Again when you turn on your lappy, You don't need to press the PB. And your laptop starts off by itself.
    This is the case with Windows 8.
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