MSI lightning VS OC edition, is there a hardware differance?

I was considering upgradeing my graphics cards and was wondering if there is any real differance on the hardware level between the MSI 680lightning and the 680OC edition. Thing like does the OC edition have the gpu reactor or not and is it a lightning that failed to pass testing or something along those lines.
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    Haven't looked at the 680 Lighnting in detail but historically the Lightning represents the highest design level from MSI. The primary difference is the number of phases in the VRM.

    The [Lightning's] PCB uses an 8+3 phase VRM design that draws power from two 8-pin PCIe power connectors

    The OC Edition has just 4 phases.
  2. I think the hawk and lightning had custom build pcb by the MSI....

    It "could" improve the overall build quality, new power phase, and simplify the cooling make it "somewhat" easier to O.C. ...

    About are it a better binned chip ? it supposed it was better ones...

    but one chip are different then another, so no warranty it'll better than the "normal" one....
  3. thanks guys
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