Plug in usb, WINDOWS 7 won't load

I have a DELL Inspiron 530 and I was having trouble with my system at start-up. At times, it would not boot-up all the way. At the DELL logo, it would stop at the halfway mark on the load line. I knew that some of my WINDOWS system32 files were corrupted (I have since learned how to repair them on my own), so I figured it was time for a new OS, so I installed a retail copy of WINDOWS 7.

I thought either my mobo or cpu was bad. I asked for advice on the forums without any luck. I started a new thread because I believe this is truly a different matter.

I realized that each time I had something plugged into a certain USB port, it wouldn't boot-up all the way. As soon as I unplug from that port and plug into another, it starts right up, no problem. Only this one particular USB port causes this to happen. It doesn't matter what I plug into boot-up. If I make sure to keep this port open, it will follow through on loading WINDOWS 7 and run like a champion.

I'm not computer savvy by any means, but I am trying to become more proficient. I installed a new PSU, so I could then install the new video card, I then added 2gb of ram, so I'm not afraid to do additional work on it myself. I'm not overly confident , I know what I can and cannot do, but I am willing to go a little further if neccessary.

Does anyone have any idea what this means? Should I prepare for more problems? If so, how do I stop this from snowballing into a bigger problem? Is there something that I can do to fix this on my own?

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    Its hard to say if the problem could get worse is it a front USB or one on the motherboard? Sounds like a short. I would put some tape over that USB port so it wont get used and keep an eye out for anything unusual with your pc. If its a Front USB then you can unplug it from the motherboard to prevent any more faults and just use the rear ports. If its one at the back just try to avoid using it.
  2. I also believe this is a short on the mobo. I have since avoided that particular usb port and have had no recurrences. I have followed the advice of zink1701 and have had a trouble free computer ever since.

    Thank you zink1701!!!
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