Laptop to TV via HDMI 15inch to 24inch how it will affect in game FPS

Hello! Basically I wanna know if I will connect "decent" laptop with 15inch display to 1080p TV trough HDMI cable will it affect FPS in Games. Will I end up loosing like 20 or even 30 FPS from what could have my laptop run on it's built in screen or it wont affect it at all?
Graphics card in laptop is ATI Radeon HD 7670

Thank you :o
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  1. Depends what resolution you play at now on the laptops screen. The screen size makes no difference but going up in resolution will make a noticeable difference.
  2. What's the laptop's screen res?
    If 1080p already, then none. But if it's 768p, then it'll go down by quite a bit unless you keep the resolution at 720p, which after playing around with TV settings, should be nearly fullscreen.
  3. Yeah laptop's res is 1366x768 and tv1900x1xxx dont remember exact resolution typing from buss anyway thank you for replies, post back if it will work!
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