Printer SPooler Problem

I facing some Problem with Printing in my Machine....... My printer Spooler Service stops automatically again and again, and always pop ups error reporting window about print spooler. So plz help me to Resolve this error.
i use Network Printer.
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  1. Which printer are you using?
  2. i m using hp laserjet P2014n
  3. Sorry for delay. Can you use print to file?

    Also did you checked Service to start automatically?
    - Turn off the printer
    - Turn off the computer
    - Turn on the computer and wait until it has completely loaded
    - Turn on the printer

    Once the printer has fully started, go into the driver's properties from the Printing and Faxing window and try to send a test page. If it still says the spooler is not running then in the Control Panel, open Adminstrative Tools and select Services. Scroll down the list and select Spooler - does it say started? If you right click on it, can you start it? If it's set to manual change it to Automatic
  4. I tried all those things what u mentioned in ur last post. when i start spooler service, after 3-4 page print, spooler service automatically stops. i dont know why.
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