Need ideas for a new CPU cooler

Hello, I've got a Coolermaster Geminii right now

But I'm wanting something with better cooling performance, since my case now is a bit bigger. I've got a Rosewill blackhawk case now.

I've seen tons of people happy with there hyper 212 coolers but I don't want to remove my side fan as the case seems to be with my case, so something just a little bit shorter would be great with the same or better cooling capability.

Been looking around for a few days now and just figured I would get some opinions from you guys.
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  1. I would suggest looking into corsair h80
  2. ^^that's exactly what I was thinking, skip heatsink setup. If you are worried about clearance then get a water cooled system. Of all the Corsair coolers I think the h80i is the best for the value.

    It is much more expensive than the CM Evo, which is probably an issue. Otherwise, look into whether an Evo will fit.
    Is this the CPU cooler you guys are talking about?

    See I've thought about trying a closed loop water cooler before, just kinda scary that if that pump goes out say during a long wow session or something and I don't notice the temps going crazy my cpu could be fried. But then I think I read somewhere that this happened to a guy and Corsair paid to replace the CPU, but I'm not sure it's been a little bit since I read that.

    Basically just have never owned or gotten to mess around with the closed loop water coolers. From the videos I've looked at and such they seem to be sealed pretty well so hopefully the chance of leaking would be very very low. I guess some of the horror stories have kinda stuttered my step in that direction.

    But as far as money goes I would be ok with spending around 100$ for a nice CPU cooler. So maybe some more info on the corsair h80 if you guys are owners of it or just some reassuring info on the safety of a closed loop water cooling system would be nice.

    Thanks for the replies
  4. People are ecstatic about the H80i. It is a great buy, great performance, and very reliable. If I wanted liquid cooled then H80i all the way.
  5. I like the H80 my self. I use one on my gaming build. The thing I like most about it is that it takes the bulk of the cooling solution and moves it away from the work area on the motherboard to an exhaust fan port. This way, it doesn't block RAM, it's easy to add and remove components and just makes it easy, in general to work around inside the case. The H80i is an update to the H80. Check out the top 10 list on frostytech:

    It ranks up there among the top coolers that are out of the box solutions; air or self-contained liquid-cooled.

    On the other hand, the Hyper 212 plus and some Arctic Silver 5 do a great job at about $35 total. I can't blame you for not wanting to remove the side-fan though.

    The H80i would seem to take care of any such issue.
  6. Yea kinda thinking I should have went with the H80i : (. Well I ended up getting the Spire Thermax Eclipse II since it was just a bit shorter than the hyper 212 thinking the side fan would be able to stay. I can't just barley. Reading the reviews and such I though this would be a better cooler than the Coolermaster Geminii II I was using but to say the least I'm a little let down. I know the paste hasn't had tons of time to set up yet but the temps are almost identical with the Geminii II.

    Thinking of doing a return and going for the H80i. So whats this with Corsair's standing behind there products very well I keep reading? What does that mean exactly, cause as I've stated before since I really don't personally know anyone with any kinda of liquid cooling solution so I'm a bit hesitant of it all seeing as there is over $1000 dollars in my current pc build XD.
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