Whats better rendering video and gaming Intel i5 2400/3470 vs AMD FX-8150/8350?

Hi my title is sort of self explaining.

I would like to know which CPU is best for rendering video and playing games like dayz.

I would usually lean toward Intel because they have always been highly recommended but the game seem to be becoming more even and AMD offer great value.

Only consern is that what i save on AMD CPU and motherboard will end up playing more on the PSU.

Anyway which CPU is the best? I have a 7850 is that makes a different
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  1. 3470's a better gamer while fx8350 is the better cpu-based renderer.
    i vote fx8350 (yeah, you'll need a better psu and a good cooler).
  2. If you mean for streaming and the like. I believe TS did a test of that and it showed the FX-8350 to be better at it than the equally priced intel solutions and being on par with some of the higher end intel solutions. However, that's what it's meant to do, multitasking where all 8 threads are in use.

    Personal experience, never had a problem streaming in 720/1080, on xsplit/OBS on my FX-8350. Just need to use the right settings. Friend on the 3570k is having some problems for higher resolution streaming while gaming, but I'm not sure of the settings he's using.
  3. Good Benchmark comparision

    For games, scoot to the botom list 4 games and FPS
    Looks like about 20% gain favoring the i5 (I'm Not a gamer)

    For productivity, look at what you do most often.
    As to encoding/redering video, that may be just as dependent on the software as it is the core count. Reason is the lower end software (cost) may not take advantage of the full cores available.

    My preference is the i5 choice, but not because of the CPU but Intel seams to have more frequent/better optimized chipset drivers.
    I'd probably go with a i5-2500k (or i5-3750k), both only $20 more than the FX8350, and a Z77 MB. Then OC the the i5 to 4.2 GHz, which is very simple and most MBs have a one botton click to acieve this. This would put the two CPUs at the same speed and the diff would be less pronounced for encoding/redering and would increase the advantage (not a biggy) for i5 and gaming. Counter argument is that you can also OC the FX chip

    If encoding/rendering is what you do often then the AMD might be the better choice. However, i'd probably still go the i5 route as majority of all benchmarks seems to favor the I5 build.
  4. FX-8350 can be had for $169.00 @ a better solution for your money.
  5. Best answer
    The FX8350 is good enough for gaming taking the other tasks like rendering video.
  6. Go For Intel

    Overclock i5 3570k
    Non-Overclock i5 3540

    My Suggestion Go For i5 3570k
    This can keep you happy till 5 years minimum.
  7. Intel i5 3570k/4670k > FX 8350 > any non-k i5
  8. I'd go for the 8350. It's kinda the jack of all trades to me
  9. I'd go for the 8350. It's kinda the jack of all trades to me
  10. Old thread, guys.
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