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I have 2 exact compaq laptops (cq57-339) that I got recently. But when I run their windows recovery (from their own partition), one can't find the drivers for the wi-fi board. Both have the same board (RT5390). I switched HDD with the other one and no problems.
Is there a way to copy these drivers from one HDD to the other without affecting windows original software registry?
I used the "minitool" program explore the recovery partition, but have no idea out of all the folders witch one is the one I'm looking for.
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  1. try double driver its a nice driver back-up utility thats free.
  2. Using a laptop which has internet access, download the driver you need from the HP website. Put it on a pen drive, plug the pen drive in to the laptop which needs that driver and run the installer. That's a better method than trying to figure out how to copy an installed driver from one laptop to another, a task which is virtually impossible without the original installation package from the manufacturer.

    Go here and choose the appropriate HP support website for your country:
  3. I'll try the double driver. The reason I wan' t to do a copy is because I want it to be there if I run recovery again. It's like an assaingment. There has to be a way. Thaknks for the reply.
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