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one wired machine and multiple wifi machines on home network all work fine. old xp machine stopped having intenet connectionrecently even though good connection to network. Error 105. tcp/ip properties to auto. neither wired to a connected/sharing machine nor wifi will go to internet. formatted and re-installed xp in frustration. tried winsock repairs. ip release/renew sequence. static ip addresses/dns servers. i know its something stupid, but i'm going nuts on this one.
NEW...ran a cat5 straight to modem/router and Internet explorer comes up for just a couple seconds, then says it has a problem and has to close
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  1. what are your ip, subnet mask, dns, dhcp settings?
  2. Go to one of the working machines and run

    ipconfig /all

    Copy and paste all of that data on here. You can try manually specifying an address on the subnet not in use and try testing some things. First try pining your default gateway, also try another computer on the network. Next try pinging your DNS servers.
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