Need help over clocking pc

I really want to overclock my pc. But i dont have an idea to make the hardware stable when overclocked. My pc spec.

Asrock z77oc formula
Intel core i5 3570k
Corsair vengeance 8gb 1600mhz
Sapphire 7970oc edition
Cougar powerx 700wtts

Anyone here has the same specs? And have been overclocked? Can i have a copy for a balanced setup?
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  1. google overclocking guides for your cpu
  2. Do not overclock without a 3rd party CPU cooler (i.e. do not overclock with the stock cooler).

    For ASRock boards, you should just be able to go in and leave everything to auto except the multiplier. You can get a good overclock (but probably not max stable) that way. I got 4.4GHz stable during testing when I first got set up.

    Start at probably 4.0GHz (safe side) and run Prime95 (large FFT) or OCCT to put a load on the cpu. Watch temperatures. If stable and cool for your tastes (I'm not interested at higher than 70C), up it by 100Mhz (e.g. change the multiplier from 40 to 41) and repeat. Do this til you get a blue screen or too much heat, then back it down 100Mhz and you're done.
  3. 100% agree with J_E_D_70, an aftermarket cooler is a MUST lol. Luckily you can get coolers that will bring you to a decent overclock for pretty cheap, but as far as overclocking help goes, every processor is different, so nobody can give you an automatically stable set of numbers, my stable number will be very different from someone else's. This is the guide I use and reference often, and the people on that specific board are very good at answering specific questions you may have after going through the guide step by step for yourself. Hope this helps

    but as JED70 stated, get an aftermarket cpu cooler before you attempt overclocking
  4. Yes. I have a corsair h100i. Im just afraid that i would break d cpu,gpu and memory if i set a wrong confgiguration in the voltage/s
  5. Like I said, for a nice overclock you don't even have to touch voltage or anything other than the multiplier.
  6. OC takes courage to trial and error, if not dare ya .. rather not overclock .. default more safe :D
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