packard bell 1807 vs dell gx270

Dear Guys,

I have a choice to make I have a Dell GX270 max'ed out (i.e CPU, RAM, GRAFFIX) on Windows 7 Ultimate (32Bit - 64Bit not possible).

My cousin gave me his old Packard Bell iXtreme Gold 1807 (not max'ed out) windows 7 Ultimate (32Bit but can be changed to 64Bit)

What I need to know is if you would favour the Dell or swap everything possible from my Dell to the Packard Bell?

Your support would be highly appreciated.

Kind thanks, Jonathan
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  1. Both of these computers are terrible - Pentium 4's and Celeron D's are both so far behind the times now running on single cores and should be replaced. I advise selling them and getting a new PC for under ~£300 which would do so much better than what you are running. Plus you don't have to pay for an OS with the new PC since you got Win7 Ultimate :)
  2. Dear Cold_War,

    If a new or newer PC is out of my budget and you had to decide out of the two, which would you pick?

    Thanks for replying
  3. Oh, yes and why, sorry missed that bit out
  4. Just a little note - I sold both of my dad's PCs recently which are similar spec and got him a really good PC for around £200 minus OS.
    Can I get a bit more system info about the PCs? I assume that the Dell is running P4/with 4GB RAM and the graphics card.. which is? I wasn't able to find any info about the Packard Bell on the website, a model number or the system info would be great.
  5. Yes the dell is running on all cylinders, so to speak, and cannot be upgraded any further P4 3.4GHz HT, btw

    As or the Packard Bell, it appears that only 2GB ram is possible in total the above processor may work, but its running on P4 3.2GHz HT, 2Gb Ram (maximum for the PCB), and crappy graphics card to support Windows 7, but the one out of the dell could be used ATI Radeon 9600
  6. I would stick with the Dell and sell the one you got there.
  7. Thank you.
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