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How can i use data from old computer whchas Quicken 4 on it.I have 7 years of accounts which I do not want to loose
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  1. I never thought i'd have to sort out another quicken problem ... my father was in a similar situation when windows vista launched he had years worth of quicken data stored on a windows xp machine , quicken 4's official backup and restore process doesn't actually support using a
    Usb device to export data and once the data files are past a certain size using a Cd to copy the files becomes rather impractical.

    What you need to do is find all the quicken data files ... fortunately this is easier than you might think they all use the file extension .QDF so you can
    do a search for files with this extension .QDF and copy them to a usb drive ( save this for later )

    You may find you have problems installing quicken on windows 8 if this is the case i suggest installing virtual box and a copy of windows xp to house your quicken in you can then do an import using quickens import feature and specify your QDF file as your data to import the data you need.

    this should solve your problems.
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